Thanks to innovative solutions we have the answers to industry specific questions. As inventor of the Turbomix Paintsaver™, synthetic paintfilters, and most recently our state-of-the-art Snaplid system we strive to give you the best so you can achieve the bests results!

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Product | Snap Lid System®

Snap Lid System

The fastest paint application system for all types of paint!

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Product | Turbomix

Turbomix Paintsaver

An innovative and patented stirrer, designed to help you mix paint faster and save paint.

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Product | Mixing Cups

Mixing Cup 700 ml

The correct color can only be achieved by the complete mix of the different pigments inside the mixing cup.

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News | 10-7-17

Colad introduces WaterlessWash

Save time and money by cleaning panels quickly and easily whilst minimising your eco-footprint! Colad is pleased to present this convenient and money-saving…

News | 28-6-17

NEW: Colad Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions

Colad introduces new Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions Colad introduces a specialized hand cleaner and skin care solution for your most precious…

News | 14-6-17

Colad introduces long lasting repair glue Magic Fix

  Repair (almost) everything with Colad Magic Fix. It is a super glue to be combined with black and grey reinforcement powder. Colad…

News | 23-5-17

Colad Pump Spray Coding System

Are you looking for an easy way to distinguish the different types of liquid content? Colad Pump Spray uses a unique Coding System…

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Snapping pictures of our new #colad #snaplid #system Easiest and fastest #paint preparation and application system! #onlycolad
#colad #mixingcup #theoriginal #onlycolad #inventingmore repost
@paul.n.baker:When only the best will do.. #smartrepair #mixingpaint
Colad presents WaterlessWash, cleaning panels within a few minutes - no need to drive to the car wash! #OnlyColad
NEW: Colad Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions - Colad Hands are the most important tools for millions of professionals. Skin must be thoroughly cleaned and cared for in order to protect it against all kinds of adverse working conditions. Handle your skin with care and avoid skin problems by ...
Introducing #colad #magicfix #adhesive #carglue #glue & #filler #multipurpose #fast #durable more info @ car-gluedotcom
Timeline Photos NEW: Repair almost everything with Colad Magic Fix, a super glue combined with reinforcement powder
Colad Snap Lid System! Repost @denn_007:Clear Time 🤙🏼 #colad #red #blackandwhite #emm #onlycolad #coladsnaplid
Timeline Photos Colad Sensor Covers, the quick and easy solution for masking integrated parking sensors. Sensor Covers are specially designed to mask parking sensors during the sanding and painting process in the most effective and efficient manner! #OnlyColad #Inventingmore
Repost @ogdoubled:Late night housekeeping and dust control. Essential for clean paint. Thanks @spraygunsdirect for the Colad hookup and quick delivery. I'm now pretty much fully converted to products now as I've found them far superior to other competitors. 😎👌🏻🖤 ...
Repost @denn_007: Very handy tool 🔪 #colad #onlycolad #repost
#comingsoon the new and improved #turbomixpaintsaver 2.0 #onlycolad
Timeline Photos Discover all Colad innovations and bestsellers in our new product catalogue 2017! Download now at
Discover all our innovations and bestsellers in the new #colad product catalogue 2017! #onlycolad #carpaint #painterslife #refinishing
New: Turbomix Paintsaver! Colad Turbomix Paintsaver; Faster mixing and a maximum reduction of paint wastage #OnlyColad
In the world of professional painting, every second counts. Every drop can make the difference between success or defeat! But there are rumors of change rumo...
Colad introduces the Colad Spray Sample Sleeve; ‘Store it, Protect it, Organise it’! #Colad #OnlyColad
Colad introduces the Colad Snap Lid System®, the fastest and easiest paint application system on the market.

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