Thanks to innovative solutions we have the answers to industry specific questions. As inventor of the Turbomix Paintsaver™, synthetic paintfilters, and most recently our state-of-the-art Snaplid system we strive to give you the best so you can achieve the bests results!

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Product | Snap Lid System®

Snap Lid System

The fastest paint application system for all types of paint!

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Product | Turbomix

Turbomix Paintsaver

A new innovative and patented stirrer, designed to help you mix paint faster and save paint.

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Product | Mixing Cups

Mixing Cup 700ml

The correct color can only be achieved by the complete mix of the different pigments inside the mixing cup.

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News | 23-5-17

Colad Pump Spray Coding System

Are you looking for an easy way to distinguish the different types of liquid content? Colad Pump Spray uses a unique Coding System…

News | 12-12-16

Snap Lid System launched!

Are you ready to speed up your paint process and achieve high-quality results? Colad introduces the fastest solution for preparing and spraying paint!…

News | 1-12-16

Colad introduces the Spray Sample Sleeve

The solution that helps you organise your spray samples and protects them from scratching! Over 25 years ago, Colad introduced its printed Mixing…

News | 5-10-16

RM Best Painters protected by Colad Bodyguard

The Dutch Berry Kooijman has proven himself to be the best amongst 15 national finalists during the RM Best Painter finals in France from…

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