Our gloves are designed for optimal protection and working comfort, protecting against frequently used chemicals like solvents.

Gloves Dispenser

Wall dispenser box for Colad disposable gloves. Only suitable for Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black and Blue.
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Disposable Nitrile Gloves Grey

The extra thick and extra strong Grey Nitrile Gloves. This powder, silicon and latex free glove combines extra protection with extra comfort due to it’s high elasticity. Thickness 8 mil.  Extra strong, extra flexible and higher tensile strength.  Extra long sleeves (300 mm) and textured surface for better grip.  Powder, Silicon and Latex Free to prevent skin irritation.  Especially suitable for working with paints and solvents. Produced without zinc, solphur and accelerant to maintain the environment.  Marked CE 0321.  Test according to EN 388 Abrasion: 0 Cut: 0 Tear: 0 Perforation: 0.  Approved according to EN 374-1  Approved according to EN 1149-3:2004.  Test according to EN 374-2 Specified: Level 2 (AQL 1.5) according to producer.  Test according to EN 374-3 N-Heptane 99% - Level 6, Sodium Hydroxide 40% - Level 6
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Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black

A very high quality, powder-free and solvent-resistant glove that is stronger, thicker and more durable than conventional nitrile gloves. Textured finger tips for better grip. Thickness 6 mil. Marked CE 0321 (EN 374-1:2003, EN388:2003). Approved according to: EN 1149-3:2004.
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Disposable Nitrile Gloves Blue

A solvent-resistant quality glove that provides excellent protection. Textured finger tips for better grip. Powder and silicone free. Thickness 4.5 mil. Marked CE 0321 (EN374-1:2003, EN388:2003).
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Industrial Nitrile Gloves

Recommended when you are in continuous contact with solvents. Resistant to most chemicals. Excellent grip and moulded to the contours of the hand. Highly comfortable and suitable for multiple use. CE-mark: 0321.
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Industrial Neoprene Gloves

Resistant to most chemicals (frequent usage). Excellent grip and suitable for multiple use. CE-mark: 0159.
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Nylon Preparation Gloves

Provides excellent protection against cuts and scratches. Durable nylon, very comfortable with great grip. Recommended for sanding and assemble- disassemble processes. CE-marked.
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