Spray Samples

A range of Spray Samples and supportive products for an easy color accuracy test during the paint preparation process.

Spray Samples with Hole

Paper card as spray sample provided with black and white stripes. A small hole in the card speeds up exact colour matching. 250 pieces in a box with one holder.
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Spray Sample Library

Metal spray samples (see Art. Nº 9315) equipped with solid library: an ideal system for keeping your Metal Spray Samples neatly stored! 250 Metal Spray Samples in a box with library.
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Magnetic Holder

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Spray Sample Sleeves

The solution that helps you organise your spray samples and protects them from scratching. Protect it, Organise it, Store it!
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Ceramic Infra-Red Drying-Kiln Airplus

Drying kiln for Metal Spray Samples equipped with a closed ceramic heating element to ensure a long product life and suitable for both water based and conventional paint. Air supply connection with ball valve for water-based paint. Cord-mounted temperature regulator. Drying with this device guarantees the same colour result on a car as the infrared dryer.
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Spray Samples with Magnetic Holder

Metal spray samples provided with magnetic holder to keep your hands clean when spraying.
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Metal Spray Samples with 15mm Hole

Metal spray samples to test colour accuracy of both water-based and conventional paint with a black stripe to indicate the degree of the colours’ opaqueness and a 15 mm hole to match the colour.
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