Spray Covers

Special masking solutions for quick and efficient masking of different car parts.


A though, flexible, self-adhesive plastic film to protect openings from weather influences. Simply seal a car after collision, dismounting or vandalism. UV resistant for at least 6 months. This means that you will not face any discolor of the interior of the vehicle. After removal all adhesive comes off with the film and does not transfer to the surface. Can be applied on new cured paint.

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Overpaintable Wheel Covers

High quality plastic HDPE wheel covers, 20 microns. For masking of car wheels and rims during the paint process. Very easy in use and universal in application due to the Extra Large opening.
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Plastic Seat Covers

For protection of car seats during the complete process of preparation/ sanding/ painting.
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Sensor Covers

The quick and easy solution for masking integrated parking sensors! Integrated parking sensors need to be handled with care. To sand or paint a bumper perfectly they must be covered for the full 100%. Or worse, need to be disassembled. Both of these solutions are time consuming. Solve this problem by using the Colad Sensor Covers.
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